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In the wildland fire service Duty, Integrity and Respect are three principles you live by. It has been sometime since my past adventures as a handcrew superintendent, but I have found these same principles myself and crewmembers prided ourselves on have found their way into the kitchen of Fireline Bistro LLC. No matter your title you have a duty to those you serve to provide insight to the world you were brought up in and you put it on display on the plate in front of them all while providing an intimate and personal dining experience for those involved. Second having the integrity to source from local producers that utilize sustainable practices, and last continuously build the respect and trust from your crew, customers, and community by always choosing the hard right over the easy wrong and putting your best product forward.

Fireline Bistro takes the guess work out of meal time, our personal chef services range from full meal preparation for individuals and families on the go, to fully tailored dinner parties along with catering and pop up events.

Our culinary team maintains nationally recognized industry certifications and qualifications  in food safety to ensure the highest's safety standards are adhered to in the cooking environment during all operations. Along with food safety he also maintains multiple certifications/qualifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine in Nutrition. 

ServSafe/American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-Conference for Food Protection (CFP)

  • Food Safety Manager

  • Food Handler

  • Allergens

National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • Certified Nutrition Coach

  • Certified Sports Nutrition Coach

  • Fitness Nutrition Specialist 

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